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> Imagine total selfconfidence
> Imagine control of your thoughts
> Imagine free of all blocks
> and counter intentions
> Imagine getting what you want and desire
> Imagine success in any area you choose

If you alredy have and are doing what you can imagine you can either stop reading here, or think hard if you really have that and start imagine and expect new things.

If you are like most of us, you probably have a lack of things or experiences. This can be because of to small wishes. You donīt dare to want things, relations, wealth, health or experiences that you not are used to.

If The Universe has endless possibilities
Then You can start to think big - right?

If you can think big
Then You can wish and expect a greater outcome -right?

If you expect more
Then You can also (and have to) clean your mind from blocks and counter intentions - right?

If You Clean all blocks and counter intentions
Then Your focus on your target expectation get laser Sharp - right?

If you then add some inspired action
The You are on your way to reach your goal.

Hi, my name is Lennart a.k.a. Lenny. I am from Sweden. In Sweden as in all of the World, we are  taught how to be and act from the date of birth.

Our thinking ,behavior, acting, moral, learning, interacting with other people and society, beliefs etc. This is learned by parents, relatives, friends, school, media, society, religion, law:s and more.

This is alla stored in your subconsious (unconsious) mind in your brain to help you to get the learned information make the right decision or to do things the right way when you need it.

Now, this is a good thing that we canīt live without. However , when it comes to do new things, think new thoughts, big dreams, new beliefs, setting exciting goals etc. , that is things you never done before.
And for that reason not stored in your subconcious mind.
Then you are going to feel a resistance. You are trying to stop yourself doing this "dangerous" behavior, to keep you safe, to keep you in the "safe box". Not allowing you to think out of the box.

In that way you are you are thinking and doing the same things you always done. And getting the same results you always have.

However, this is not your fault. And not anybody elses either. It is just what it it is. It just how Life is. But the good news is that you can change it to better match your expectations. And hopefully have the life of your dreams.

So, it it is pretty obvious that if you are not happy with your results, feelings, relations, health, wealth have to do something about it.
To do something about it could be to do different things. One of them  is what I mentioned  before, about the subconsious mind, and to start thinking and doing things outside your box. 

  * How to be aware of how this work

    * How to be aware of what is stopping you

    * How to get what you want

    * How to invest in yourself to solve this and get what you expect

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